Texas Rig Kit

Texas Rig Kit

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About This

Texas Rig Kit

The Texas Rig is arguably the most popular and versatile way to rig a soft plastic bait. As the name implies, the Texas Rig was originated in the lone star state. But this simple rig quickly became popular throughout the country after continued success with this weedless presentation. A Texas Rig consists of a soft plastic bait, a hook, and (usually) a lead weight shaped like a bullet. The bullet shaped weight helps this rig slip easily in and out of cover. A true Texas rig will have the hook point buried in the soft plastic bait, making the rig virtually weedless. 

Load up on everything you need to effectively fish the classic Texas Rig presentation. This all-in box includes premium line, hooks, weights, and baits for one outstanding rig just waiting to catch a biggun.

What's Inside

Total MSRP value: $24.40, colors may vary from shown

Catch Co. Saw Craw

MSRP: $5.99

The Catch Co. Saw Craw was designed with help from legendary lure designer Steve Parks. This bait is juiced with STANK helping mask the smell of human scent and putting off and inviting fishy scent.  

Texas rig the Catch Co. Saw Craw and cast towards docks, brush, cover, and weedlines to help mimic the action of a crayfish or bait fish. Let your rig fall to the floor and use gentle strokes with your rod tip to create the natural look of a fleeing crayfish or swimming baitfish.

BioSpawn VileBug

MSRP: $6.29

The BioSpawn VileBug is making a big splash in the flipping and pitching game. The creature bait profile is the perfect tool for a Texas-style flippin’ bite. In addition to being deadly on the Texas rig, this limit maker will trigger bites on the back of a jig or dragged on a Carolina Rig.

Smartbaits Robbie Ribbon Worm

MSRP: $3.99

A Texas Rig box wouldn't be complete without a ribbon tail worm. A staple of big bass anglers in the lone star state, a Ribbon Tail worm will catch fish throughout the year. The slender profile helps this bait swim effortlessly while displacing water and calling in big fish. If you’re looking for a kicker fish, tie on a ribbon tail and start picking apart big bass hangouts.

Stickies Offset Worm Hooks

MSRP: $4.99

Stickies Hooks provide anglers with a no frill hook option that will help anglers jack the jaws of big bass from dawn till dusk. The 4/0 worm hook is a versatile size option perfect for rigging worms, craws, creatures, or minnow style baits. 

The Stickies Offset Hooks pair up perfectly with the ribbon tail soft plastic included in the Texas Rig Box. The minimalist profile of an Offset Worm Hook provides a natural look but also a wide enough gap to help you land fish. Target grass lines, offshore structure, vegetation, and main lake structure.

Karl's Stash Bullet Weights

MSRP: $1.64 (3/16 oz and 1/8 oz included)

The bullet weight is an essential tool for any Texas Rig angler. The bullet shaped design allows your presentation to slip in and out of cover with ease. Adjust your weight size depending on cover, depth, and desired fall rate.

Karl's Stash PEGZ Black

MSRP: $1.50

Pegging your bullet weight is essential in certain Texas rig scenarios, with flipping and pitching being two of the most obvious. The Karl’s Stash PEGZ keep your bullet weight pinned tightly to your rig to help it not only provide more of a compact presentation, but also allow your bait to weave in and out of cover with ease. 

If you’re fishing a really snaggy area or trying to keep a compact profile, the Karl’s Stash PEGZ are the right choice. Flip, pitch, or skip your way to fat fish much easier with a pegged Texas rig.

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