Totally Terminals Box

Totally Terminals Box

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About This

Totally Terminals Box

Here are a few things to go on the end of your line this holiday season, curated by Karl.

First up we have stand up shakey heads that are the product of 18 months of pro-staff development. A special injection molding technique was been used to ensure balance and top-notch quality. The forged hooks are 2X strong, ringed, feature opti angle needle hook points, and a clean black nickel finish.

Constructed with 40% Zero Gravity weighting and 60% traditional weighting, this underspin suspends on the drop. This is important for an underspin, because when you’re fishing pressured waters, you have no shot at catching fish just by burning bait by their face. Throw this underspin directly into the school of fish rather than past it, and the suspending action will keep it in the strike zone for a much longer period of time, giving you the chance to rip a lip on the fall!

Next up are a pack of handy bullet sinkers that were designed to get the right action and movement from your soft plastic. These sinkers are bound to play a vital role in landing some serious fish for you!

Spice up your finesse fishing game by adding these nail weights to your bag of tricks. The neko rig technique has taken the fishing industry by storm and there's no better way to complete the rig than with a quality nail weight. Insert these nail weights into the end of your favorite plastics and put them to work.

These wacky / drop shot hooks are ready for your favorite finesse presentation! Finesse a bite off the bottom with a drop shot rig, or rig your favorite soft plastic wacky style to make sure you get added action! However you rig these hooks, sleep easy knowing they won't come out of a fish lip until you say so!

Long shank and wide gap, these neko hooks are perfect for today’s favorite finesse technique - the neko rig. Once you tie this hook on, your favorite soft plastic should follow, and you can catch just about anything you desire on these sticky-sharp neko hooks.

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