Trigger X Minnow

Trigger X Minnow

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About This

Trigger X Minnow

If you’re looking for the perfect bait for finicky fish, the Trigger X Minnow should be on your radar. The Minnow is designed with a long, slender body shape that tapers to a twitchy webbed tail. When panfish, bass or walleyes have a case of lock-jaw, that’s when the Trigger X Minnow is at its best! Show them this 1” worm using your favorite finesse set-up, and those fish will get interested fast! After the strike, the Minnow’s soft body and Trigger X's unique scent make fish think “this is food!” They simply will not spit it out. You get 12 in a pack, and they come in a wide variety of colors, some subtle, some bright. The next time a finesse technique is required, be ready—stock your tackle box with some Trigger X Minnows today! Great for under the ice or even in open water!

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Pack Size: 12 pack
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