Heavy Duty Worm Hook


Heavy Duty Worm Hook

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About This

VMC Heavy Duty Worm Hook

VMC Heavy Duty Worm Hooks are made from heavy-gauge wire that resists bending even in the toughest conditions. Big bass and heavy cover can do a number on a thin wire hook, and once the gap opens past factory specs, that hook just never seems to perform the same—it gets misaligned and kind of ‘springy.’ Not an issue with virtually bend-proof VMC Heavy Duty Worm Hooks! A 3-degree offset point boosts your hookup ratio, and the frustrating problem of line slip-out is erased with VMC’s unique resin closed eye. Fishing soft plastics in thick cover calls for beefy tackle, and an equally beefy hook. Get VMC Heavy Duty Worm Hook today, and you’ll be horsing bass out of heavy cover tomorrow!

Product Specs

Pack Size: 6 pack
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