Cranky Jerks Hardbaits Box

Cranky Jerks Hardbaits Box

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Cranky Jerks Hardbaits Box

MSRP $43.25The first bait in this box is a finesse style crankbait with a detailed finish and an incredibly tantalizing and subtle action that will entice anything from panfish to big bass into making a meal out of it.

Next is a bait from a brand that has without exaggeration helped to shape the way people fish for freshwater species.  Unending attention to detail has allowed this brand to create baits that can get the attention of the most uninterested of fish regardless of species, and we have included one of the best in their arsenal.

We have also included a shallow running hard bait with a razor sharp feathered treble and a beautiful and natural bluegill finish.  This one will get bit by big bass and some other more toothy predators as well.

When coming up with this box’s lineup, we all agreed we couldn’t exclude a high quality lipless crankbait that you can bomb a country mile.  We came to a consensus on one of our favorites and put it in there for you guys.

Next is a bait that has won a bunch of money in both professional bass and walleye fishing tournaments from a company that has successfully paired old school bait design with cutting technology to create baits that are not only works of art, but proven fish catchers!

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On: 7/31/2018


Most of these things I really use now



On: 6/30/2018


This box is the best I got it for my dad he loved it we go fishing all the time he uses this on bait he got all the time definitely suggest