Westin Swim Hollowbody

By: Westin

Westin Swim Hollowbody

By: Westin
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About This

Westin Swim Hollowbody

Westin's Swim Hollowbody will be sure to make a splash at your next fishing trip. A hollow bodied topwater lure that offers as many details as it does action on the water. Easy to use it can be fished with a simple walk the dog action, jerk it down beneath the surface, or work your rod tip side to side for a swimming action. No matter what you choose its hollow baitfish shape, its erratic silicone skirt, and weedless design will have the fish ready to jump out of the water. Its 3.5 inch, 5/8 oz body will give even the biggest bass a large profile to track. Watch the bass explode on the Westin Swim Hollowbody.

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