60 Degree Goby Tube Jig

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About This

X Zone Lures 60 Degree Goby Tube Jig

X Zone Lures' 60 Degree Goby Tube Jig lets you make a subtle tube presentation that will trigger strikes from smallmouth bass, walleye, and many other gamefish species. The unique design of this jig adds to the appearance of your tube bait—it creates a bulge near the head to create the look of a goby, sculpin, or other bottom-feeding baitfish. X Zone made this jig with a strong, sharp Mustad UltraPoint Hook, and the 60-degree line tie enables a natural swimming presentation. This high-quality jig's contoured body lets you impart more action to your tube baits, helping to create an enticing death spiral on the fall and a lifelike side-to-side motion on the retrieve. X Zone Lures 60 Degree Goby Tube Jigs are available in two sizes, 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz, to help you rig up any tube you have and match the look of the prey you're imitating. Add a pack to your tackle box!

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