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The Best Jig Trailers To Throw This Spring

The Best Jig Trailers To Throw This Spring

Jigs combined with jig trailers are one of the most versatile tools in the bass fishermen’s arsenal. They can effectively cover water from 2 feet deep, out to 50 – in any water clarity. They are also just as effective in super cold water as they are in warm.

One of the keys to this versatility is the fact that jigs are fished with those trailers. By changing the trailer, you can produce a dramatically different action – allowing endless customization that will have you setting the hook no matter what the mercury says.

Here is a quick guide to jig trailers for every water temperature.

• Less Than 45 Degree Jig Trailers

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Fish are cold blooded, and their metabolism is dramatically slowed in cold water. Low metabolism means they move slowly, react slowly, and feed slowly. Cold water also slows other organisms – meaning that everything they eat also moves really slowly. To compensate, choose trailers with the least amount of action, but enticing bodies, as possible. Simple chunks, or beaver baits like the Reaction Innovation Sweet Beaver should get the nod.

• 45 to 65 Degree Jig Trailers

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When it starts to warm up, crayfish start to get active, and they become a much larger part of bass’ diet. For that reason, craws like the Googan Baits Krackin Craw and double-tailed grubs are top choices in this range. They’ve got some action, but not so much that it looks unrealistic to the bass.

• Greater Than 65 Degree Jig Trailers

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Once the water is over 65 degrees, bass settles into their normal feeding patterns and will respond to a much wider variety of trailers, depending on the lake and available forage. Good choices include creature baits like the BioSpawn Vile Craw with flapping actions and buzz toads. A good rule of thumb is to start smaller and with less action early in the season, then increase size and action in your trailers as the summer progresses and the water temperature climbs.

Updated February 7th, 2022 at 6:34 AM CT