When A Little Topwater Frog Will Out Fish The Big Boys

Googan Squad Mini Filthy Frog
A medium-heavy casting rod paired with 30lb braided line pairs perfectly with a small frogs like the Googan Squad Mini Filthy Frog

So when should you downsize your topwater bass frog? Well, let’s cover the standard one first. The traditional topwater bass frog usually measures between two and three inches and weighs between one-half to five-eighths of an ounce. The bulky body and heavy design are both intentional as the extra mass helps anglers throw frogs further while creating more disturbance on the water. Long, bombing casts followed by repetitive rod twitches are key ingredients in drawing attention from a bass hiding amongst the weeds or nestled in tightly next to a fallen tree.

However, there are times where downsizing a frog will be your front row ticket to a topwater slugfest. Just like in other aspects of fishing, certain scenarios call for something more refined, finesse, or downsized.

Like the new Googan Squad Mini Filthy Frog. This bait takes all of the fish-catching features found in standard topwater frogs and crams that into a smaller package. At two inches long and weighing half an ounce, the Mini Filthy still produces the punch you need to make long casts followed by a nearly effortless walk the dog retrieve ability.

So when would you need to use a downsized frog, like the Mini Filthy Frog?

Googan Squad Mini Filthy Frog
Load up on the new Googan Squad Mini Filthy Frog

Smaller Lakes Or Smaller Forage

If you’re beating the bank of a small ditch or retention pond, rig up the Mini Filthy Frog and target around the emergent vegetation or cover as you work the bait parallel to the shore. The smaller profile will trigger pond bass into striking as they see your frogs as a free meal flickering at the surface.

Matching The Hatch

If you see tiny frogs or baitfish, use the Mini Filthy Frog to represent better what the fish are likely eating. 

Pressured Waters

When everyone and their uncle has tossed their Spro Bronzeye or Booyah Pad Crasher, change things up with a downsized option like the Mini Filthy Frog.

Short Strikes

When fish are hitting but won’t fully commit to the standard topwater frog. They might be bumping it, nudging it, or quietly slurping without fully taking the bait in. And no matter how long you wait, or hard you set the hook, you can never seem to connect. 

Sure, you can bend the frog’s hooks outward or shorten the bait, which both should increase the hook-up ratio. But what you should really be doing is tying on a smaller topwater frog. The compact profile will give you a better chance when bass seem interested but hesitant. 

Spinning Rod Anglers

Confidently fish the Mini Filthy Frog on your favorite medium to a medium-heavy spinning rod. Spool the reel up with a 20-30lb braided line and target sparse grass, docks, laydowns, or lily pads. Remember to tighten down on your drag before chucking out that frog.

There are a handful of reasons and scenarios where this frog can do damage, but truthfully, the options exceed far beyond what you just read. Use the Mini Filthy Frog wherever you see fit, so long as it’s producing fish. Tight lines!

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