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Packing For A Plane:  How To Fish While Traveling

Packing For A Plane: How To Fish While Traveling

Packing your fishing gear for a plane flight to that once-in-a-lifetime fishing destination can be the biggest challenge of your dream trip.

Fortunately, on most of my fishing trips that require flying, the fishing companies that invited me on the trips usually supply all of the rods, reels, and lures I will need for the trip so I just have to pack my clothes. However, there have been a few trips to Mexico when I had to pack rods and reels and some lures for the trip and there was a family vacation when I snuck along a rod and reel and some lures to try.

A Mystery Tackle Box makes a great mini-tackle box to bring with you on the go while traveling.

The first step in packing for the trip is to check out the airline’s baggage allowances because each airline has different amounts of baggage you can check-in for free and various charges for extra checked bags or carry-ons. Once you find out the baggage allowance you can start planning on how much clothing and fishing gear you can stow in your bags.

Make sure always pack rain gear even if the forecast is not calling for clear skies.

In addition to your clothing, you will also need a lightweight rainsuit such as Frogg Toggs rain gear. In your carry-on bag, you can stow heavier items such as your reels, sinkers and bags of soft plastics. Make sure you never store hooks or lures with hooks in your carry-on bags. I mistakenly placed some swimbaits rigged with hooks in my carry-on bag and the airport security officials in Mexico confiscated them because I guess they considered them dangerous objects.

Packing a few search baits, like crankbaits is always a good idea. It will help you find active fish quickly in unfamiliar waters.

Your checked bag should be the primary holder of all your hooks and any lures containing hooks. I place the lures and hooks in Plano 3600 utility boxes to prevent them from sticking in my clothes or the luggage. Two to three of the utility boxes should be enough to fill with all the lures you will need for your trip. The last time I traveled to Mexico for a bass fishing trip, I filled the boxes with a couple of topwater plugs, a couple of spinnerbaits and buzz baits and some deep-diving crankbaits in a couple of different colors.

You should carry your rods in a hard shell, telescoping rod tube (especially if you use rods longer than 7 feet) designed for airline travel. I recommend carrying three rods in different actions (medium, medium-heavy and heavy), which should cover all the lure presentations you will try on your trip.

Updated July 25th, 2019 at 7:44 AM CT