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The Catch Co. fishing lures and apparel are made with the fishing experience in mind. Catch Co. tackle is designed to uphold the highest fishing tackle quality expectations without breaking the bank. Catch Co. baits target bass fishing along with many other species, including panfish, trout, walleye, and inshore saltwater species. The soft baits are designed to have realistic action within the water and to quickly catch the eye of a fish as it's looking for its next meal. The hard plastics are made with durable material and are available in a multitude of colors for any water clarity. Catch Co. has fishing tackle options for any season of the year and any climate within the US and Canada. The Catch Company apparel will keep you both stylish and warm. The Neckos are light and comfortable but offer excellent resistance to the wind. Add any of these baits to a Mystery Tackle Box shipment for free shipping!
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Catch Co. Trucker Hat Catch Co. Trucker Hat
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Catch Co. Trucker Hat

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