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10,000 Fish 10,000 Fish

The 10,000 Fish brand merges innovative design and artful presentation. Inspired fishing lures, created with intricate craftsmanship and function. Fantasy creatures meet real life forms, thumping through the depths. Catch more fish with high quality colors and long-lasting material. An elevated fishing experience. Unmatched performance.


Head Hunter

The Head Hunter is a fully rigged swimbait built with a realistic dorsal fin that disguises the bait’s hook while preventing snags. The patent pending magnetic hook harness system provides a more free range of motion when setting the hook while giving the fish less leverage to throw your bait.

Slowly retrieve the Head Hunter through the water column, particularly around cover. Slight pops can be used in the retrieve to trigger strikes. A firm hookset is needed once you get a bite. While the Head Hunter excels when used as a typical swimbait, its weedless characteristics make it a great alternative to a casting or swim jig.

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