Drop Weight

How to Drop Shot

A standard drop-shot consists of a mainline with a small hook tied into it. 1 to 2 feet of line is left as a tag end below the hook. This is followed with a small weight that is tied in at the end. A finesse worm or other small soft plastic minnow bait is usually nose-hooked onto the hook, which allows the bait to move freely and erratically with light movement of the rod. With this setup, you can position the hook at various distances from the weight, which allows you to fish where the fish are.

A drop shot with a round weight is ideal for fishing along sand or gravel bottoms, while the drop shot with the cylindrical weight works best for rocky or weedy bottoms. Drop shot rigs are a great choice when bass are positioned in water that is 10 feet or deeper, especially along ledges and dropoffs. If you're fishing crystal clear water, consider using baits with natural color finishes that mimic the forage species present in the body of water. If the water is cloudy or stained, fish bolder and brighter patterns to stand out.


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