Badfish Stripers Badfish Stripers

The long Spring thaw is finally over and the best time of year for Northeast inshore anglers has arrived. Striped bass have been making their migration North from the Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay and now plenty of slot sized and up fish have been reported up and down the Atlantic coast. Make sure you are geared to take advantage of the season while it lasts!



Early summer stripers are just about as fun as it gets. Bass are moving up the coast in solid numbers and are aggressively feeding on schools of menhaden. This is the perfect time to bust out some topwater plugs and get in on the explosive surface action. We’ve created a collection that includes some of our favorites to tie on. Just be prepared to hang on if a big bluefish comes for your plug as there are some monster blues popping up in CT and RI. As our buddy Capt. Robby Taylor from Newport says, “Topwater is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!”

We are also hearing reports of good sized fish in backwaters and cruising beach flats. Eel style baits like the Storm 360GT Searchbait Minnow and the Savage Gear Sandeel are awesome options to cover water this time of year. If you run into picky stripers, downsize to some natural colored soft plastics like StreakZ or Diezel MinnowZ from Z-man and rig up with a weighted hook or jig head. Find the fish on the flats on the incoming tide or keep your eyes peeled for birds swarming over pods of bunker near shore. See you out on the water.