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10,000 Fish Essentials Kit

Inspired by the past. Crafted for the future.
We are the 10,000 Fish. Masters of myth. Our ancestors bolted through the seas. Sank ships. Ended kings. We were The Wind. The Thunderstorm. The Tsunami. Now, we are the Calm Before the Storm. We seek a renaissance of peace & creativity. To elevate your experience on the water. To fill souls with wonder and curiosity. Use this kit to prepare yourself. The new adventure begins.

This Kit Includes:
10,000 Fish Sukoshi Bug - $5.29
10,000 Fish Cycle Bait - $8.49
10,000 Fish Yoto Worm - $5.29
10,000 Fish Saw Craw - $5.99
10,000 Fish Head Hunter 3 1/4" - $9.99
10,000 Fish Necko - $12.99
MSRP Value: $48.04