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Head Hunter Swimbait


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10,000 Fish Head Hunter Swimbait

The 10,000 Fish Head Hunter is a fully rigged swimbait built with a realistic dorsal fin that disguises the bait’s hook while preventing snags. The magnetic hook harness system (patent pending) provides a more free range of motion when setting the hook while giving the fish less leverage to throw your bait. Slowly retrieve through the water column, particularly around cover. Slight pops can be used in the retrieve to trigger strikes. A firm hookset is needed once you get a bite. While the Head Hunter excels when used as a typical swimbait, its weedless characteristics make it a great alternative to a casting or swim jig.

  • Top fin hides the hook and helps make the bait snag resistant
  • The hook is held in place by a magnet and releases upon hooking the fish. This helps prevent fish from spitting the hook
  • Rests nose down on the bottom. This mimics feeding bluegill or shad and makes the Head Hunter a great bed fishing option
  • The lifelike paddling tail and flanged belly kick at all speeds for perfect action
  • The bait's flat sides allow it to be skipped easily under docks or overhanging trees
  • 7 colors to mimic the local forage
  • 3 1/4" uses #1 jig hook, 4 1/3" uses 2/0 jig hook

Gear Recommendations:
Rod: Medium to Medium Heavy Casting or Spinning Rod
Reel: Medium-speed casting reel, 2500-3000 size spinning reel
Line: 10-15lb fluorocarbon/monofilament or 30-45 lb braided line



Product Specs

Length & Weight: 3 1/4" (1/2 oz) or 4 1/3" (1 oz)