Zuchi Bug


Product Details

10,000 Fish Zuchi Bug

The Zuchi Bug dives out of the clouds and owns the water like a fantasy creature. It carves through the water, claws kicking hard for a slow, tantalizing fall. On the bottom, seductive antennae and wings flutter with every twitch of the rod. Fish, filled with wonder and curiosity, can’t help coming in for a closer look. Crafted for techniques that need larger profiles, like a Texas or Carolina rig. Master the depths with the Zuchi Bug.

Rig the Zuchi Bug on a Texas or Carolina rig. Drop, drag, and slide through the depths. The beefier the setup, the bigger fish. Pitch and flip into heavy cover to find your next trophy. Subtle twitches with your rod will cause the claws, wings and tail to flap and flail like nothing else under the water. This baby won't be coming home alone.