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Mini Zinger Spinnerbait


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Googan Squad Mini Zinger Spinnerbait

The Googan Squad Mini Zinger is a finesse double-bladed spinnerbait designed to bump, bang, and zing off cover and grass. The Mini Zinger is designed to be fished around docks, stumps, and brush while also streamlining through the veggies with ease. Each Mini Zinger features a strong wire framework, stout hook, and a flashy Colorado and willow blade. 

The Googan Squad Mini Zinger has a hand-tied skirt fastened around a sticky sharp Mustad hook. To help prevent line slippage, the Mini Zinger also features a pre-rigged rubber knot stopper to keep your line from sneaking down the wire of the bait. 

Pro Tip: Bump your Mini Zinger against hard cover like docks, brush, laydowns, and trees to help create reaction strikes from fish holding tight to the cover. This technique helps create a reaction strike from fish who may likely not have bitten otherwise. Look for areas with shallow grass, cover, or feeding fish and work your Mini Zinger using an erratic retrieve, slowing down in cool water while speeding up in warmer conditions.


Great for: Ponds, Creeks, or Pressured Bodies of Water

Weight: 1/4 oz

Blades: Colorado #2 / Willow #3

Use With: Googan Squad Go-To Casting Rod or Googan Squad Finesse Spinning Rod

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