25 Of The Best Bass Lures For Fall Fishing – 2021

Fall’s in full swing, which means pumpkin consumption is through the roof, and the fishing is getting close to that “I’ve waited all year for this” level. So, before the football games, after the apple orchard, or in-between runs to the grocery store, spend a little time chasing bass.

To help speed things up, we scrolled through Karl’s Shop and pulled 25 of our favorite fall fishing lures for targeting largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass in the Fall.

Here are 25 of the best bass lures for fishing this fall:


Crankbaits cover ground quickly, reach nearly any depth, and create a distinct noise underwater helping draw in hungry fish. Bass aggressively chase crankbaits throughout the fall, but their interest dwindles as the water cools.

Start with louder, wider wobbling, and generally more erratic crankbaits early in the season before switching to the subtle, quiet, and tighter wobblers later on.

  1. BioSpawn RattleBot – Lipless
  2. Strike King Red Eyed Shad – Lipless
  3. Karl’s Amazing Baits Golden Boy – Square Bill
  4. Rapala Rippin Rap Lipless
  5. Rapala DT Series – Rounded Bill

Bladed Jigs & Spinnerbaits


As Shad and baitfish begin to push back into coves and creeks, the bass will follow. Bladed jigs and spinnerbaits resemble baitfish and work well in shallow water, making them popular this time of year.

When largemouth head towards the shallows, they glue themselves tightly to docks, grass, laydowns, and brush piles. Predator fish like bass use these spots as ambush points as they wait for passing fish. Try bumping your spinnerbait hard off cover or ripping a bladed jig parallel to the shore. Both techniques can trigger fish into biting.

  1. Z-Man Original Chatterbait
  2. Z-Man SlingBladeZ Spinnerbait
  3. Z-Man Chatterbait JackHammer
  4. Googan Squad Zinger
  5. 10,000 Fish Cyclebait


There is no wrong time to throw a swimbait. The way you fish them and the areas you target will differ in changing seasons and conditions, but they’re among the few baits that work all year long.

Soft plastic swimbaits get their action from the tail, which kicks, swims, and thumps with minimal effort. Casting out, letting the bait sink, and then slowly winding it back in is likely the easiest and most effective way to retrieve a swimbait but try changing your technique based on the conditions.

  1. Bull Shad Swimbaits Bull Shad – Hard Swimbait
  2. BioSpawn ExoSwim – Soft Swimbait
  3. 10,000 Fish Shimmer Swimmer – Soft Swimbait
  4. ZOOM Swimmin’ Super Fluke – Soft Swimbait
  5. Savage Gear Pulse Tail Baitfish – Hard Swimbait

Soft Plastic Craws & Tubes

The crawfish bite extends deep into the Fall when bass roam the rocky bottoms looking for an easy meal. Largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass will be targeting crawfish throughout the Fall, and by dragging, crawling, and hopping soft plastics in the right areas, you can trick fish into thinking they’ve got the real deal.

Rocky shorelines, boulder fields, and deep offshore structures are some of the best places to start. Once you find a target area, make a cast, let the soft plastic sink to the bottom, and then begin your retrieve. It won’t take long for you to feel that distinguishable “thump” at the end of your line.

  1. 10,000 Fish Saw Craw
  2. Berkley Chigger Craw
  3. Karl’s Amazing Baits Hoss Craw
  4. X Zone Lures Pro Series X-Tube
  5. Karl’s Amazing Craw Tube

Finesse Worms

Don’t look past the trusty finesse worm as the Fall pushes forward and the feeding frenzy winds back down. Shaky heads, drop shots, and ned rigs are staples later in the season when water temperatures cool, slowing down the feeding habits of most predators.

  1. Gary Yamamoto Senko – Stick Bait
  2. 10,000 Fish Sukoshi Bug – Ned Rig Finesse Worm
  3. X Zone Lures Pro Series Deception Worm – Finesse Worm
  4. Strike King KVD Dream Shot – Drop Shot Worm
  5. X Zone Lures Pro Series Finesse Slammer – Drop Shot Worm

*As water temperatures cool, getting wet becomes way more dangerous. Wear a lifejacket and be cautious!

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