Reminder: Why You Need To Be Frog Fishing Bass In HEAVY Cover

There are few better lure options than a topwater frog when the summer scum creeps across the shallows creating jungles of aquatic plant matter.  

Grass mats are created when aquatic vegetation grows so thick that it covers the water’s surface. As plants grow on top, the plants below are deprived of light, causing them to die off. This lifecycle creates the ideal underwater canopy for hungry summer bass to roam.

Tiny openings, tunnels, pathways, and patches below the thick vegetation become sanctuaries and feeding grounds.  Bass can hang out, linger under the canopy, and stay out of the sun as they simultaneously hunt down baitfish and bluegills. 

Watch the video below as Jordan from TightlineTV showcases how, when, and where you can fish topwater frogs through the nasty summer slop.

9 Tips For Bass Fishing Matted Grass

  1. Aim For Irregularities – Focus on fishing in open areas, and around points, or edges
  2. Use Heavy Hrogs – Using a heavy frog will help your bait push down deeper into the grass mat, helping it alert the fish below
  3. Stout Gear – Beef up to heavy or extra heavy casting rods to help winch fish out of the thick stuff.
  4. High Gear – Using a high gear ratio reel brings in more line with each reel handle turn, which is essential in frog fishing
  5. Beefed Up Braid – Beef up to 40-65lb braided line. The stout braid will help cut through the thick grass mats. 
  6. Weight A Second – Once the frog hits your bait, wait for a second and reel down before setting the hook hard
  7. Go In And Get It – If you hook up but can’t seem to pull a fish out of the weeds, keep tension while you go in and get the fish
  8. Crank Down On The Drag – Crank the drag all the way down on your casting reel to prevent it from slipping during your hookset
  9. Fish The Slop On A Sunny Day – The sunnier the day, the more likely bass will be hiding below the mats looking for some shade

The Best Fishing Gear For Frog Fishing Thick Cover

The Best Rods For Frog Fishing Nasty Cover


Googan frog and braided line spooled on a casting combo

13 Fishing Rely Black Casting Rod
Googan Squad Muscle Rod – Green or Gold
Dobyns Rods Sierra Flippin’ Casting Rod

The Best Reels For Frog Fishing Heavy Cover

Frog Fishing Cover

Daiwa Fuego CT 
13 Fishing Concept A2
Daiwa Tatula Elite Casting Reel

Fishing Line For Frog Fishing Thick Cover

Frog Fishing Cover

Googan Squad Braided Line 
PowerPro Spectra Braid Fishing Line
Sufix 832 Braid
LYN Braided Charcoal Line

Topwater Bass Frogs For Fishing Cover

Frog Fishing Cover

SPRO Bronzeye Poppin’ Frog
Booyah Pad Crasher
Googan Squad Poppin’ Filthy Frog
Googan Squad Filthy Frog

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