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Three Brand New Baits From BioSpawn Lures!

Three Brand New Baits From BioSpawn Lures!

Fresh from the lab, BioSpawn Lures has three new baits ready for their time to shine. Including a hard thumping swimming worm, the BioSpawn ExoKick, a 2.75" model of the ever-popular ExoSwim, and a topwater popper, BioSpawn RoboPop. Let's break 'em down!

BioSpawn ExoKick


First up, we have a fresh look at the classic plastic worm category of swimming worms. The ExoKick is a 5.5" swimming worm that has twin tails that kick hard as the bait is retrieved through the water. It is covered in BioScent that bass anglers know and love, and has a thicker ribbed body to be more durable than comparable worms out there. It comes in 12 colors, with 7 baits per pack.

Swimming worms like the ExoKick are traditionally fished around shallow water cover, like submerged vegetation or brush. Because of this, they're most often fished on a Texas rig with a light pegged weight. Usually 1/16oz - 3/8oz depending on how deep you're fishing. The ExoKick is most effective on a slow and steady retrieve, letting the bait tick along the tops of submerged grass or brush that you're fishing. It will also be effective when hopped along the bottom, but it is most deadly on a steady retrieve with those kicking tails.


BioSpawn recommends using this bait on heavier line, given the thick cover you'll fish this around. If you're deep in the grass, opt for a 30-65lb braid. If you're fishing in open water or wood, go for a 15-20 pound monofilament or fluorocarbon line. Either way, you'll want a beefier rod to match it with as well. Go with a 7'-7'6" rod MH - H rod - baitcasting or even spinning will work just fine. Set the hook like you would with any other worm or jig once you feel that bite.

BioSpawn RoboPop

BioSpawn RoboPop

Next up we have the BioSpawn RoboPop, a 2.75" and 3/8oz popper. This cupped mouth beauty will come in 9 colors, and is the second hardbait in the BioSpawn lineup following the RattleBot.

The RoboPop has two main things that set it apart, the first being a feathered back hook. This increases the strikes you'll get on the pause as that little something extra to entice a fish to strike. The second is the action of the bait caused by an intentional weighting system. The RoboPop not only throws water with the best of them when popped, but is also exceptional at a side-to-side walk the dog action you might expect in a bigger walking bait. This will allow anglers to impart really quick directional changes on the bait and cause a big disturbance on the surface. Because of it's compact size, anglers can create a lot of action around a piece of cover without moving it much.

Rigging the BioSpawn RoboPop

The RoboPop is best used with floating lines, like 15-30lb braid or 8-15lb monofilament. Make sure you use a short rod with plenty of flex to ensure the treble hooks stay pinned in a fish once you get a strike. Something like a 6'6" - 7' medium action casting or spinning rod will be a great choice. The shorter rod will allow you to more easily impart the walk the dog action on the bait with the rod tip down.

BioSpawn ExoSwim 2.75"

BioSpawn ExoSwim 2.75”

Finally we have a 4th size of the super popular BioSpawn ExoSwim. This 2.75" little morsel packs a big punch with the same amazing swimming action and BioScent as all the larger sizes. This size is much more appropriate for mimicking small forage, or as a trailer for finesse jigs and spinnerbaits.

One great way to rig this bait is on a finesse ball head jig, think 1/8oz - 3/8oz and a 2/0 sized hook. This setup will be perfect for clear, open water situations to mimic small forage. This is especially important for anyone fishing small waters, and anglers in the fall that are trying to mimic young shad that are often 2-3" in length.

The other great rigging option is to use this size as a trailer for finesse jigs and spinnerbaits. For 1/4oz finesse jigs, swim jigs, or spinnerbaits this size will much more perfectly fit these downsize jigs and spinnerbaits.

This smaller size calls for a downsize in gear as well, think a 6'9" - 7'6" ML - M action spinning rod. A longer rod, like a 7'6" ML, will allow you to cast this lightweight bait much further. Regarding line, it is best used with a 15-20 pound braided main line, with a 6-12lb fluorocarbon leader.

These new baits from BioSpawn help round out their already stacked line up of other baits. Shop the whole collection —> BioSpawn Brand Page on Karl’s

Updated May 8th, 2023 at 4:04 PM CT