The Fishing Free-For-All #2

By: Karl VonDobble (The "Other" KVD)


A poem I wrote...

There once was a man from Nantucket
With a lure so big he could chuck it.
He said with a grin
As he reeled his fish in
"Boy ain’t I glad for this bucket."

The Hook-Up

This week I'm hooking you up with access to a yet-to-be-released short film we did with LakeForkGuy of the Googan Squad. In order to watch the video you'll need to use the password "karlisawesome" (aka Karl Is Awesome, one word. No caps). Thank me later.


Stink Bait

Some guy's dog ate Z-Man ElazTech and it came out the other end fully intact and with a new scent:


A new kind of fishing?

When I was a kid everyone wanted to catch the biggest fish on the heaviest gear. But now it seems like the trend is to go small: Finesse gear > ultralight gear > Micro fishing.

Well, I think I just invented the latest trend:



Speaking of finesse...

1Rod dropped another video this last week (he's on a roll!). This time he was using one of my all-time favorite drop shot baits: the Shimmer Shad. He put it head-to-head with another bait with this underwater footage (Shimmer Shad on the right):


The Shimmer Shad is also one of the awesome baits in our drop shot kit:


Tap taps (AKA Random Stuff)...

I saw a funny video where a guy crank-calls...actually, just watch it.

Here's Seth's boat. Seth works at Catch Co. and also runs @AnglingUnited. He fishes the big waters of Lake Michigan as well as local lakes and his Lund can do it all.


"Fishing is 90% mental. The other half is physical"


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