The Fishing Free-For-All #3

By: Karl VonDobble (The "Other" KVD)


I Caught 423 Million Fish This Year

Hey. Karl here. Well, 2018 was a doozy. If you don’t believe me, just check my stats. These were verified by data enginerds, so don’t even try to say I longarmed these.


I find it important to set goals for the year, so here’s what I’ve got for 2019. Easier said than done, but I’m feeling confident.


Check out some highlights from the rest of our 2018! Here’s to even bigger and better things in 2019!

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Top 5 YouTube Videos (Views)

Googan vs. MTB Crew Fishing Challenge! | Loser Eats What!?
Karl Is Planning Something BIG...
Jig vs. Texas Rig: Flipping And Pitching Shallow Cover
OMG I WON! Here We Go...
Spring Bass Fishing TIPS from SCOTT MARTIN 

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Top 5 Blog Posts (Traffic)

The State Largemouth Bass Record For Every State In America
7 Bass Lures That You Can Rely On Year Round
Trout Fishing 101: Trout Fishing Tips For Any Angler
Drop Shot Rig 101 – Unraveling The Mystery Of Drop Shot Fishing
Ned Rig Fishing Tips

Top 10 Products on Karl's Bait & Tackle (units sold)

Mystery Tackle Box
Googan Baits
GameChanger Lures Eeliminator
BioSpawn ExoSwim 4"
Catch Co. Rod Sleeves - Casting
Karl's Amazing Baits -  The Hunch 
Catch Co. Flickity Split 
Catch Co. Shimmer Shad
Karl's Mystery Grab Bags
Catch Co. Death Stalker Blade Bait

Tap taps (AKA Random Stuff)...

Elf-on-a-Shelf Gnome-on-the-Throne


Check out this half of a PB. Looks like a Christmas ham, amirite?


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"Reach for the stars, even if you miss you’ll probably just land in the water."


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